Swimming takes place every Friday morning at the Helston Leisure Centre for Yr 1- 6 in the Autumn and Spring Term. Reception pupils join swimming in the Summer Term.
Pupils arrive at the pool at 8:45am with parents. A member of staff then registers the pupils before they change ready to be at poolside for a 9:00am start. 
Pupils are transported back to school by coach.
Swimming is partly funded by PE premium but we do ask for voluntary contribution of £2:50/ week (£30/ term) for each pupil. 
We are very proud of our swimming results and the confidence it builds in the pupils along with resilience, stamina and perseverance in all aspects of the school curriculum. 
Each year we hold a ‘Distance Swim’ where pupils are invited to swim for up to an hour to beat their personal target. This year, 21 pupils swam over 1km and 4 pupils swam over 2km! The stamina and technique needed for this is very impressive. As well as this, the older more confident swimmers take part in preliminary safety skills and personal survival in the Summer Term. At the end of the year, 23 pupils in yr 5/6 (1 pupil in yr 3!) achieved preliminary and level 1, with 13 additional pupils also achieving level 2.