Trannack School Home Learning during School Closure Spring Term 2021

Dear Parents/ Carers
In these tricky times we recognise the challenges home learning brings to some families and we will do all we can to support you and your child over the course of the school closure.
There is an expectation from school and the government that home learning is accessed by all pupils if they are not attending school. This is essential for your child to continue to make progress and not fall behind academically. Teachers are committed to ensuring quality provision for all pupils in these times and will work with you and your child to set appropriate work and provide feedback to ensure progress is made. Staff recognise the tremendous effort pupils are making and will continue to award pupils for effort, achievement and evidence of virtues using Dojo points.

Teachers will be planning a variety of activities including some live sessions with their class or a small group. Teachers will also be expecting pupils to log into live registration each morning to ensure they are ready for their learning. In addition, there will be pre-recorded sessions, power-point presentations, pdf uploads and links to relevant videos which can be accessed to support the learning. Please log in to Google Classroom and Class Dojo each day with your child to ensure your child is accessing everything they need. This can be done using a unique code which has been sent home, with instructions.
Parents of EYFS pupils will also be able to continue to send evidence of learning through Tapestry, their online learning journal.

The following work will be provided during term time:

  • Daily phonics tasks or daily reading tasks
  • Daily maths tasks
  • Weekly writing tasks
  • ‘Topic’ based work including elements of Science, Geography, History or Design.
  • Weekly PE or outdoor learning activities
  • Weekly well-being activities
If you need any support or guidance, or have any concerns about your child accessing their learning, you will be able to message your child’s class teacher via email. Staff email addresses are: Messages will be checked as regularly as possible during working school hours.

Our Blended Learning Policy can be found on this website under Key Information - Policies.

More information about school closures and school places can be found on this website under Covid 19. 
Take care
Kind regards
Emma Stritt
Executive Headteacher