INSPIRE curriculum

At Trannack School, we have a rolling programme of themed units with strong curricular links. The units are based on the INSPIRE Curriculum and organises the programmes of study for History and Geography in the National Curriculum into half term units. These units have strong curricular links to other subjects where possible eg English, Science, Art, DT, ICT and music. Sometimes the suggested themes and activities are adapted if the class teacher feels this is necessary, but the programmes of study are still followed. 
For INSPIRE units of work please see attachments below.
To find out which unit of work each class is working on, please see the Trannack School Rolling Programme of Themed Units below. Class topic summaries are sent home each half term. These can also be found on the Class Pages tab.
English programmes of study from the National Curriculum are covered for each year group every year. We also ensure longer pieces of sustained writing are planned into other subjects for each unit. We use 'Read Write Inc.' to teach phonics in KS1 and spelling in KS2. Please see separate RWI tab.
Science, Art, DT and ICT each have a separate rolling programme to ensure coverage and progression but where possible links are made to the themed INSPIRE unit. See separate tabs.
Some subjects do not always link naturally with the themed units and are therefore taught as 'stand alone' subjects eg Maths, RE and PE. See separate Maths, RE and PE tabs.
For RE we follow the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus. See separate RE tab.
See separate PSHE tab.
Please also see our curriculum policies on the school documents tab for more information.