Class structure

At Trannack School there are 3 classes, each named after a local beach.

Praa Sands Class is for EYFS and year 1 pupils. The Class Teacher is Claire Farnaby. In Praa Sands, Learning Support Assistant Gill Higgs works full time, and Sarah Sawyer works mornings with responsibility for the part-time 3 year olds. On Thursday afternoons, Heidi Burch teaches Praa Sands pupils INSPIRE curriculum.

Portreath Class is for year 2 and 3 pupils. The Class Teacher is Emma Powley. In Portreath, Learning Support Assistant Beverly Brian works Monday to Thursday and Michelle Steed, on Fridays. On Thursday afternoons, Martin Tregenza teaches pupils in Portreath PE and ICT. On Fridays, Emma Stritt teaches pupils in Portreath maths and RE.

Godrevy Class is for year 4,5 and 6. The Class Teacher is Martin Tregenza. In Godrevy, Learning Support Assistant Phil Crowe works full time. On Wednesday afternoons Heidi Burch teaches Godrevy pupils INSPIRE curriculum. On Thursday afternoons, Emma Stritt teaches Godrevy pupils maths and RE.

We hope you enjoy viewing the children's learning experiences in each of our classes. 

One of our year 6 pupils said "I chose this school because it has smaller classes and I thought individual people would get to know individual children better. I was right!"